Monday, November 05, 2012

So we went to Ukraine

2012 has been a momentous year for me personally, mostly for overwhelming/challenging/alarming things I won't be writing about on a blog, at least not yet. But also for huge and exciting things, some of which I'll write about. For now, I'll say the trip I referred to in May before I vanished from posting here for months: two weeks in Ukraine. And my mother wrote a piece about it that's been published in a major newspaper. Part of the "Iowans on the Go" series in the Des Moines Register. Here it is, with a photo of me, even (you might have to click on "more" if it's not all displaying).

As for me, I have about 8000 photos, two crates'-worth of souvenirs, and pages of observation in a notebook that I've got to wrestle into a series here. And I'd love to write about it for other sites, too. Here's one photo of my first moments setting foot in Ukraine (it was a while before I got anything other than airport photos):

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