Friday, November 02, 2012


I've vowed to not do anything that consists of blogging about blogging or about not blogging, but I'll allow a brief post if I change anything here. Unfortunately, I haven't yet updated the long-out-of-date blogroll (on this or my sports blog either), so I apologize if your cool project isn't on there, or your dormant site is.

BUT I did change my Blogger profile picture (and of course description), from this 2009 self-portrait to this 2012 photo (taken by Jared Kachelmeyer). It was from my first visit to an abandoned Chicago factory filled with parade floats, seen in this Flickr set. I like everything about the 2009 photo but I knew it was outdated (I do still have the shirt). That photo consistently gets views somehow and has a lot of text with it as it was a "20 facts about me"-type thing floating around at the time. (And someone I didn't know very well tried to make date-oriented conversation, in person, by bringing up one of the obscure facts I'd posted on it, over two years after I'd posted it. I'm flattered my older material online gets attention, but, um, that came across as really creepy. Just saying.)

I've changed the City of Destiny image for now to a favorite 2010 photo of The Lure abandoned restaurant in Gary, Indiana. It replaces a lovely postcard of a building from the 1933-34 World's Fair in Chicago. Long after I'd started using that image here, I visited a friend's home in another city (now a great friend I've gotten to visit many times), and he had that card in his living room next to a vintage lamp...and he hadn't seen my blog. Whoa! Anyway, I made a few other minor changes, pending a redesign.

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