Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm back, really I am

So last night I gave a couple people these flyer/card things I'd just made promoting this blog and the Flickr page I set up yesterday. I finally tried to "reclaim" the blog a few days ago, completely unaware about the Blogger-Google switch, frustrated at the hoops to jump through to restart it all. Actually, it wasn't that hard, but a few wrong starts and you can get pretty discouraged. I put City of Destiny on my Flickr page and when I clicked the link, that was the first time I'd looked at it in almost two years! The last time I saw it, with a different computer/browser, it looked like nothing, plain text. I clicked the link and now it's apparently one of those cute pink blogs. Eventually I'll figure out how to add to it, but that's fine for now.

So, this is proof I'm back. There'll be stories about this birthday, and about what I did this summer. Thanks to the one or two people out there who actually give a damn about whether I write here or not! I won't disappoint you. And I'll try not to disappoint myself, either.