Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh! the big announcement!

post-storm sunset, Humboldt Park
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I didn't mean to vanish from this blog or my other one for weeks, but I've had computer trouble I haven't addressed yet (or more accurately, the hours I spent at the Apple Store earlier this year didn't help).

The next post was supposed to be about a huge project called 50 Till 15 (with #50till15 on Twitter), counting down the 50 days until my 15 year anniversary of living in Chicago. Featuring photos taken over my 15 years of carrying a camera virtually every day and seeing every neighborhood in that time (which, can I just suggest, would make a person a fascinating subject for an article or interview?).

That didn't happen...so I changed it to 15 Till 15 (and #15till15). Still couldn't do it. Now it's almost time. I will post something on August 11, the Chicagoversary, but my exciting and not-too-sappy ideas for what I was going to do to commemorate this time will have to wait. (My most important/essential Chicago places, most missed places, biggest regrets [about living in Chicago--not about work/relationships/etc.], zany accomplishments, etc.)