Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two days from now!

KofC reads at this event, Friday 5/28
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I'll be reading at this. Yes, posting two items in a row on the same event but it's a pretty big deal! And I'll post again on Friday! And I've got to work on the piece right now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

this is kind of a huge deal (to me)

This reading. The first literary reading for my longtime Chicago friend Jason's arts/literature center, and, oh, MY FIRST READING IN YEARS. Four or five years? I'm not sure. I haven't performed live since sometime before I reestablished (am I allowed to say "rebranded"?) myself as "Katherine of Chicago" in 2007 (I actually worry people won't know it's me with the name on the flyer!). I've missed it very much. I've thought of organizing my own events--about Chicago, about public transit, about urban exploration/abandoned buildings, about hockey--who knows. But reading at someone else's event is a good start. Especially since he picked a theme of urban decay/renewal!

May 28 in Hyde Park. More announcements to follow. I'll be writing a new piece...about the best story that's happened in my KofC days that I haven't yet told (well, it's a story I've told partially on Flickr). I'll have to look somewhat decent. I'll have to bring booze.