Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the wash

It's a beautiful day in Chicago. So, please enjoy these photographs of a decrepit (but I don't think abandoned) car wash on Cleveland's East Side on a rainy day. Yes, more about this trip later; this will have been my last out-of-state trip of the summer.

I've been quiet recently, but I do want to bring you zany stories and opinionated rants again. And read other peoples' blogs, heck, someone I know has even started a whole new website/photo blog since I last posted. Posting photos here is an ordeal; perhaps I haven't figured out the easy way yet. I'm staying in most of the week to clean and organize my apartment, and to stay by my home phone since I can't afford the cell much now, or a CTA pass, really, or to go to let's hope I can manage a couple blog posts in this time...

Monday, September 08, 2008

what passes for excitement

kitchen, Hart Plaza, Detroit
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I feel guilty just doing a blog-from-Flickr, but look, thanks to having space on my computer now, I CAN CROP PHOTOS AGAIN. I CAN DO SQUARE PHOTOS. I think that's cool. It's been a long time since I felt like I was ripping off people I know who post square photos. Now that's back.

So...birthday/Labor Day weekend I should write about. Personal angst I shouldn't. Unbelievably busy Metra/bicycle weekend I should write about. Extremely significant personal anniversary I should have mentioned but didn't because it was right after my birthday and no one was around then anyway. I haven't had the time/energy to post even one photo to Blogger, which is very very slow and frustrating. So there's this, and I'm leaving on another out-of-state of trip (not Detroit) in a matter of minutes. Whoa, I hadn't even looked here since the last post, no comments on the birthday post anyway. Now I'm complaining about all the kinds of things I keep promising I won't...