Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the wash

It's a beautiful day in Chicago. So, please enjoy these photographs of a decrepit (but I don't think abandoned) car wash on Cleveland's East Side on a rainy day. Yes, more about this trip later; this will have been my last out-of-state trip of the summer.

I've been quiet recently, but I do want to bring you zany stories and opinionated rants again. And read other peoples' blogs, heck, someone I know has even started a whole new website/photo blog since I last posted. Posting photos here is an ordeal; perhaps I haven't figured out the easy way yet. I'm staying in most of the week to clean and organize my apartment, and to stay by my home phone since I can't afford the cell much now, or a CTA pass, really, or to go to let's hope I can manage a couple blog posts in this time...

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Swanksalot said...

You can post directly from Flickr, if you weren't already aware of that.
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