Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random postcard!

Dream of this, dream of this, dream of this, dream of this:

From Postcards

Bought in a used bookstore in Champaign, IL--and now there's yet another category of vintage postcards I'm interested in. This is the Orange Blossom Special, which apparently was famous (although not being much of a train expert--to be discussed in a post I've been putting off for a while now--I hadn't known about it). I don't think I can recreate the excitement this image evokes by riding on the Metra today and buying a bag of oranges, but we'll see. Oh, and I've decided to try writing notes for the pieces I've been putting off--it's not just the photo uploading that I'm having trouble with, it's getting writing done.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better than nothing

why? why? why? why? why? why?
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I was in the midst of writing a "real" post again, but I see I won't get it done before I leave on another brief trip, my second of 2009. So, here's abandoned donuts (11, from a box that probably held 12) seen in downtown Evanston, IL in December. Apologies for not posting, for neglecting this in favor of Flickr (because, I don't know, it's a billion times easier to use--I like Picasa/Blogger albums but I'm running into stupid problems when I try to delete the "From [album]" it automatically puts under every photo I post in a blog), for Flickr becoming my blog (and even though I'm quite proud of the Flickr page I want this to exist too), for neglecting your blogs, for constantly forgetting to leave an email address here so people don't try to reach me through comments I might not find till much later, for...annnnddd there goes any resolutions about not wasting blog space on what I'm not doing with the blog.