Tuesday, June 22, 2010


...THE PLACE!, Logan Square
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...what's with all the caps? Anyway, a few days ago it occurred to me something was coming up, and I should do a variety of projects to commemorate it. Including something every day on this blog and my main Flickr account, and possibly my sports blog and my other Flickr account, since I'd like to post on all four of those every day if possible, and this project has something for everyone. Oh, and I'll put it on Twitter, too, with an annoying hashtag.

Later tonight. Right now though I want to go for my 4th bike ride of the day. I only got my bike working again last Friday, and I have a lot of catching up to do. I don't want to be out long, as my k of c Flickr page is less than 500 views away from 1 million all time and I'd like to see that when it happens...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

let's go Hawks

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It's been hard to get much done at this blog when Chicago has a Stanley Cup Finals going on for the first time since I moved here. And when my main blog for months (even if I've been neglecting it too) is my other one about sports, A Little Chippy, and hockey is by far my favorite sport. (Most of my sports content goes on the other blog but I have a few stories and photo essays I'll be cross-posting...)

So, here's a small, tasteful message for the team, taken on my first Metra ride in weeks (okay, months), passing through Galewood on Chicago's northwest side, last Sunday.

(Apologies for the much-delayed update of how the literary reading I announced below went. It was great--photos/links coming.)