Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

Leap Day! I haven't fulfilled my goal to post much more here this here (but I'm back to every day on Flickr), but can't not use a chance to post on a February 29 (the third one since this blog has been around, wow).

I don't seem to have anyone I know with a Feb. 29 birthday, but it's my half-birthday. Yes I know no one who's an adult notices half-birthdays and I wouldn't if it wasn't Leap Day. This year I notice because it's six months until a BIG birthday. It's also basically three years since I moved to my great apartment and neighborhood I love (Feb. 28, but I was still clearing a few things from the old place in March).

I didn't have any grand adventure today but did run around photographing a couple things closing today after decades. Then I went out in late evening to two of my favorite neighborhood bars, the first one on my own where I wrote up a list of [x] things I want to do before I turn [x] (I also need a list of [x] books, albums, films I need to finally read/listen to/see before [x]), the second one to meet up with a friend. An okay night out for a winter Monday where the weather got drastically worse since this afternoon, if not the party I wish I could have.