Saturday, October 03, 2009

sadly, goodbye to Mercury Cafe

Mercury Cafe
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

It was bad enough that Mercury Bar, the long-awaited coffeeshop (with good food) across from Detroit's infamous abandoned Michigan Central Station, closed earlier this year.

"At least Mercury Cafe is still open!" I thought. This Chicago coffeeshop (with good food) and art/event space in West Town (what used to be called East Village when I moved to Chicago, go figure) was opened years ago by someone I knew from a scene I was in the Chicago some time back, and I went out of my way to visit (it's the kind of place that's hard to get to, because it's not very far from me but requires two bus trips, and it's easy to get lazy about visiting places like that) when I could.

Apparently they're closing for good this weekend, Oct. 3-4, so if you're around Chicago, I encourage a visit.