Thursday, April 15, 2010

play ball!

Wrigley Field 7/5/09
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This year I can't be expected to pay attention to baseball until hockey season is over, but if I can make it to an early game I will. I'm of the understanding that the Cubs and White Sox have had a few spectacular wins and a few spectacular losses, right? I'm covering a tiny bit of baseball on my other blog but mostly catching up on the hockey season and playoffs.

Here's a shot from my last visit to Wrigley, a July 5, 2009, win over the Brewers. My best seat there ever thanks to a friend. I've taken enough Wrigley Field photos by now that I'll try out a photo effect like cross-processing now and then. (That month I didn't realize my camera was set on the wrong color balance setting and I've had to adjust for terribly blue photos, which is a good excuse to just turn them b&w or x-pro.)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

spring colors

store, Milwaukee
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Do I even have to say why I'm posting this here? *sighs* I don't care if it sounds arrogant or not, I'm just going to create an "underappreciated" set on Flickr. (I have a set called "I'm not interesting" that automatically picks my 100 "least interesting" Flickr photos according to some weird formula, but it works strangely and I don't like seeing the set showing up on the page for photos even if it is a joke. I also have an "I'm interesting" set.)

Anyway, taken in Milwaukee in September, a very cute storefront that I thought worked well for spring/Easter. I don't have a bunch of adorable family and/or candy and egg shots like everyone else...