Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Okay, so I should make myself do, oh, 12 hours of cleaning/organizing for every time I comment on people NOT making comments here. I should stop. I sound petty.

But damn, how much publicity have I gotten recently from Jason's blog--either via the mention of my blog in Jason's post that got excerpted on Bookslut, or his account of the Quimby's show, or his (thank you!) including me in something yesterday called "BlogDay" where bloggers list blogs they like/bloggers they know? Why doesn't any of that translate into comments? I did, last month, get a few comments from people I met in Portland, which is cool. Would anyone email if I put up my address? Comments are about the only way I have to know if anyone reads this.

I had my birthday Monday. It doesn't really stray from my tradition of mediocre adult birthdays...Actually, I had fun by myself during the day. Well,. I don't feel like posting on that now.

First my place gets broken into and I lose all my emergency savings, three days before my birthday.

Then on my birthday, the worst natural disaster to hit America in anyone's living memory happens. (And now I feel guilty saying anything about the break-in. It seems insignificant. But it terrified me.)

I shouldn't even post trivial things like...whether anyone's commenting or not. I've been keeping up with the news so I'll post on the hurricane next.

Take care. And thanks for reading, even if you don't say anything.