Wednesday, July 27, 2005

oh, the pressure!

I was about to post something new anyway (sure, sure) but now I HAVE TO because I think today's the first time I've been mentioned in someone else's (Go read his story of how we both finally met Jessa Crispin!) So I'm just putting this here to let you know neither the blog (nor I) are dead. Also, I got a book signed today and the author wrote "good luck with your blog" in it (I told her about it last month).

I was at the events Jason wrote about in his 7/26 and 7/27 entries and will contribute some comments of my own. Uh, later.

I was sure I knew my password, but Blogger just kept refreshing the "sign in" screen--do passwords expire after a certain point? Anyway, I changed it, so here I am...

I've got to rush to Quimby's to drop off flyers for the Aug. 20 event Jason mentioned, and see if I can put up one of those cute little upcoming events displays.

I promise to post my hideous trapped-on-the-CTA story later tonight. But I'd like to enjoy some sunny-yet-not-95 degrees weather right now.