Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election results

I ended the Election Day piece with my voting around 5:15; then I was in for the evening--with no alcoholic beverages, not intentionally, just didn't have them--with the radio and TV and internet all going all evening. And cooking a couple big dishes of healthy food, so I wouldn't be stressed out and just eating the cookies I'd made the night before. (I was more worried about being prepared for the day after, depending how things turned out.) I expected to be up extremely late, but instead the live news wrapped up by 1 am, and I fell asleep to "Nightline" airing after 1:30 (was it live, or one airing earlier but postponed during local coverage?). A few TV shots from the day and night:

And in the morning. Well, by the time I got up to take any photos, regular less-newsy things were airing on the network morning shows:

Local shots, from Valois in Hyde Park (wish I'd known about this free breakfast in time; they did it in 2008 too):

Obama campaign offices in Chicago:

And since I was glued to Twitter more than anything else, I'd be remiss in not posting a shot of breaking news there (the Jennings one is an obvious joke, but I didn't have the nerve to retweet it):

I especially liked the moment when Iowa's results broke and my timeline was a lot of "IOWA!" from people around the country. My home state did well in some regards, not so well in others. (Confession: I haven't even looked at all the results yet, not even for things I voted on in Illinois.)

And what Chicagoans were talking about around the time of the acceptance speech:

Unfortunately I didn't make it far to take photos in the real world. I had a headache (puzzling because again, no alcohol and not up that late) for hours, but otherwise I've been reasonably happy.

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