Saturday, November 03, 2012

Logan Square Farmers Market 2012

I try to get to the wildly popular Logan Square Farmers Market as many times as possible every season, if for little else than people-watching and taking a few photos of shoppers, kids, dogs, and of course the beautiful merchandise. I made it at least once a month or so in 2012, though it was several visits before I bought anything (I never seem to have cash Sunday morning--although I should point out some vendors take cards), and I don't think I bought actual produce all year, just goodies like hand pies and pastries, and hot cider on this last visit. (At the much smaller Garfield Park Conservatory farmers market the same day--also its last day this year, and I'd never been--I bought two small decorative gourds and they threw in free tomatoes, which I carried in my bag through many hours of bicycling. They were very appreciated in the breakfast sandwiches I made during the week.)

Fallen leaves, squash, cider, and plenty of Chicago Bears gear around (the game had already started by the time a friend and I were there after noon, and due to a busy day I didn't learn Bears won till 5:30 pm)'s a few terribly autumny photos from October 28:

That sign appears to have 2011's dates on it, but I assume people knew the market was ending that day, not Tuesday...
And since it was the morning after the biggest party night of this extended Halloween season (see my lament posted Nov. 1), it wasn't too strange to see a "bloody" prom dress in the trash on the nearby corner as we got our bikes:

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