Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday in Missouri

One week ago today, a drive across Missouri. Many decent photo opportunities were missed because I didn't know of them in time to get my camera ready (whereas I'm at least aware of what I keep meaning to shoot in time between Chicago and St. Louis). A few never-making-it-Flickr shots, I guess. Also, as tiny a deal as this may sound to others, I'm pretty thrilled I actually posted some of the photos onto Flickr--night shots from a Saturday night in sleepy Independence, MO--in less than a week. And even before my traveling companion, Flickr's plasticfootball, had posted from there, though he's posted Boonville already. Now, the next frontier: a night where I post photos of an event that happened that day, such as the DIY Trunk Show or Chicago Book Expo I went to, and only photographed.

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