Wednesday, November 23, 2011

mmmm, cooking

I was all excited about how I'd posted a longer post than usual for NaBloPoMo yesterday--and earlier in the day than usual, too!--but today, just hours before I was about to go out and buy groceries for a Thanksgiving meal I was going to make for myself tonight/tomorrow morning (and possibly bring some of to a friend's--and I should clarify I didn't absolutely promise I'd be at a friend's so I'm not backing out of anything. I think), the chance to go out of town and spend it with someone came up. Yes, when I literally hadn't unpacked from the last trip!

Anyway, I figured I could go ahead with my plan for a sweet potato pie, since I needed to use the sweet potatoes and I should bring a dish with me, so I biked to the Aldi on the Humboldt Park/Garfield Park borderlines. Lines weren't as bad as I'd feared. I didn't find the premade pie crust--that and (soy)milk were what I went there for--until I got to the checkout. Somehow I wound up with three bags of cranberries and a package of mushrooms because they were 25 cents each (!) and cheap celery and cheap Yukon Gold potatoes even though I had some at home, well, now I'll have ingredients (and I cooked some of it) when I get back from the trip. The pie (a vegan recipe I found online, put in a probably non-vegan crust) appears to be a success. I'm appalled I didn't have ground nutmeg (how could I be out of nutmeg?), but I used allspice with the three other spices called for.

But since I still can't upload new photos of the pie, I dug up these photos of orange cinnamon rolls from Aldi (purchased at a discount at Stanley's produce market, oddly), showing off that I do use my wonderful Le Creuset cast iron skillet. To cook a 99-cent package of highly processed pastries.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating! (And warning, I'll have to blog from a laptop for a few days again.)

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