Sunday, November 06, 2011

on a sad Sunday

This is a day where I wanted to go on an evening cooking jag, or reading jag, or uploading today's photos and actually writing about the day that just passed jag, but I'm too tired and sad. I was sad at not hearing from people so I shut my phone off completely at 4:30 pm and don't feel like turning it back on yet (though I need the alarm on it to wake up in a timely fashion, theoretically). And though I tried not to be, I'm sad thinking about a year ago today when I spent time with one friend and first met another through him, and not knowing if they remember this, and not being in touch enough, well, certainly not with one of them, to talk about all the strange turns life has taken (from getting to know both of them, and from everything else in life) in that year. The picture above is a previously unposted one from a nice photo excursion that day (Pilsen, I think, hence the tag). I'm also sad to write a piece that's passive (or passive-aggressive?) communication, but it's better than no communication.

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