Tuesday, November 08, 2011

notes from the road

I honestly can't recall if I've ever done what I've imagined for years, posting a blog post while traveling (from those travels long enough for me to stay at a hostel with computers or with friends or family, which isn't the majority of my trips!). To get one in for NaBloPoMo, I'm making a quick visit online at the new-ish hostel in Detroit. It's my third stay here in 2011, one night each time, and every time I've been almost the only one using this computer (since everyone else is either too preoccupied while traveling to do anything online, or has a laptop). I can't do some of the functions I could on my home computer, so no images, but it's better than trying to blog from my phone or just doing another blog-from-Flickr.

It's been a decent visit (on-time Megabus arrival, mild weather, Tim Hortons, familiar and unfamiliar photo opportunities, no major hassles, a fun game even if it involved the Red Wings winning) but I have to get up early for another Megabus...

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