Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update (yet another CTA photo)

Very old sign (also a "From City")
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

Wow, five days without posting, and I don't have time for a real one. This photo is now my second most "interesting"/popular on Flickr; I've had an amazing few days of comments/favorites/contacts over there. Well, I'm sure I'll sink into obscurity again soon.

I'm so happy my friend Mike called me Sunday evening to say he was hitting up the Damen Brown Line station, which would be closed for a year of construction as of Monday morning (Montrose reopened). I'm also glad I happened to date him for a while, and Damen is "his" station, otherwise I might never have visited it. I know I didn't properly observe many of the other now-rehabbed stations: Addison, Montrose, Sacramento, etc. Anyway, I changed my plans (which only consisted of a trip to Borders) to go photograph the Damen station for 20 minutes or so: one platform, then going outside, then the other platform. I wasn't out with a tripod so they weren't the best night shots, but I'm so happy I went, even if I missed Mike by a few minutes.

I will post about my amazing Thanksgiving soon, and some punk rock stuff, and the previous weekend's adventures. I haven't even posted about how I got into urban exploring yet, or my Critical Mass stories from summer, or how I was on TV last week...

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