Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm awesome, or at least my weekend was

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I got a little down in recent posts because of last week's bleakness and things just got worse late Thurs./Fri., but WOW, did things pick up. Even though I didn't get to nearly all the places I wanted to see this weekend or spend that long at them, even though none of the friends I called Sat. called me back (I had plenty to do by myself this weekend anyway), even though a lot of the excitement involves places I like getting torn down. I went nuts with three days straight of exploring and took more risks than usual. It so happens that the UE trip that changed everything for me--forced me to take risks, and not be afraid to be afraid in front of someone else--happened a month ago (wow, only a month?), Oct. 18, at the suburban silos. That was an incredible day (and I haven't even posted all the good shots to Flickr yet, or told the story here).

And my roommate's band played their first show, and I tried out two new (and one old) 24-hour restaurants, and I only had one drink all weekend and I haven't had any caffeine (except chocolate) since Thursday...I guess I'm into "clean living" and "natural highs" right now. (Well, except for all that diner food.) More on that later. Next up will be the story of how I might be briefly on "Chicago Tonight" soon... [UPDATE: Well, maybe I'll tell it if/when it happens; I don't feel like writing a wacky piece about dating right now.]

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