Monday, November 05, 2007

Comfort food would be good right now

hot chewy sweet gooey
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That's the famous (well, it was on a list in Time Out Chicago) banana-Nutella panini (with whipped cream and extra banana) from Ventrella's coffeeshop in Ravenswood--I finally tried it on Saturday. Right now, despite a busy and productive weekend, I'm in a funk over any number of reasons, including but not limited to a nightmare with IPhoto. [UPDATE: deleted details, never mind, I've fixed it for now, but the way I upload/organize photos is still asinine.]

The blah weather doesn't help, although there's one perverse benefit of a cloudy day--on a sunny day, I can see just how cluttered and dirty my apartment is (in sparkling detail!), and that depresses me, and so I leave the place as much to escape that as to go out and do things in the sun.

So, one of those low self-esteem phrases I'd frequently use, though probably only in my own head, is "wish I could fall through the floor and disappear." After something that happened this weekend, I'm gonna retire that one. (More later.)

Weekend ended with a rare visit to the Darkroom bar in UK Village, for a dance-party-ish thing that a zine/MySpace friend, Eric Lab Rat, was doing for his WLUW radio show. The live performances were pretty good (including four women who do a go-go dance routine to classic girl group songs--the act was a little silly, but man is it great to hear that kind of music at a hipster club! "He's good-bad, but he's not evil"), the DJ'ed music was full of great stuff I wish I could identify, and the Shiner Bock (which I'm thinking is a rare beer in Chicago) was on special for $2.50, so I had two. I didn't dance but I thought about the possibility of maybe considering it at some point. I went north to the 24-hour Walgreens and couldn't resist going to Arturo's across the street, for a quesadilla platter and Mexican hot chocolate, at 12:30 a.m.

So, I'm wearing, for the first time, a Powell's (Portland, OR) bookstore t-shirt I bought 2+ years ago, and I'm off to a zine fest thing [UPDATE: went by it but didn't talk to anyone]. I haven't put out a zine in 2+ years, but at least I've got my little blog and Flickr page going on, I'm not completely inept and uncreative these days.

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dk said...

i do believe i have been to that darkroom bar. saw a ladytron dj show there. woot.