Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Off to the factory

Do Not Enter
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I've been in the sort of supertensestressed-outness that can only be soothed by a trip to an abandoned factory (on a too-cold and windy day) to see what I find and sit there by myself. Well, I used to have other methods of "soothing," but I got over those a few years back, you know, like celebrities have their Secret Struggles and Overcome Their Demons and Educate The Public and all that.

I went to this place last week, half-joking that I did it because the cable was out that day (it was, because of a stupid remote-control problem, and the upside of the TV writers' strike now is that they just reran the Halloween Daily/Colbert I missed last week...oh, and I hope the writers get what they're after, too). I'll go to something "legitimate" first, a talk at the Archicenter [UPDATE: of course I missed it.]. The place seems pretty safe, but if not, remember to "avenge my death" and whatnot. [UPDATE: didn't get into one part I got into last week, but I believe I've now seen everything else except the roof. And it wasn't that cold.] [UPDATE: new sources of stress? That great little coffeeshop Half & Half in Wicker Park is GONE--I had no idea. And the lite radio station has already switched to all-Christmas music. Seriously.]

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