Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today's freakout level: violet

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That makes no sense, but I'm on my 4th beer of the night. (Accompanied by Blue Diamond Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds, so so good.) A couple weird Flickr things happened that I HAVE to mention. I made a promise to myself not to drunk-blog, but whatever. (Also not to drunk-Flickrmail, sorry about a couple days ago, NV.) My first 2 beers were hours ago at Reading Under the Influence, a great literary event I've gone to nearly every month since Dec. 2006. Tonight Alex (who I met that time, his first visit, he's read at it since, I haven't because I don't friggin' write anything substantial, just blog posts and snarky Flickr captions) and Lorraine (they're married) were there and I hadn't seen them since a nice house party they had with way too much beer (everyone brought some) weeks ago, so I spent much of the night talking to them.

I was tipsy enough to buy pizza at Philly's Best and a celebrity magazine at Walgreens. I love that I didn't recognize who's on the cover--Lauren (and "How far she goes on a first date," so important to know)--from some show I've never seen. Six pages of ads for hormonal birth control, only four of scary weight-loss methods. Teri Hatcher's daughter is named Emerson? Another guy's name crosses over to a girl's name now. (I know a [male] Emerson). Flipping through, I'm reminded of the 637 or so reasons I don't think I should buy these magazines, and I'll leave you with one: one of the outfits the "Fashion Police" are bashing is an outfit I genuinely like and would actually wear (it happens to be on Paris Hilton, amazingly).

Enough of that--I'm freaking out because after a slow couple days on Flickr, a stranger favorited 3 photos. And they happen to be the 3 pictures of myself I've posted to (oh, embarrassing) the "geek girls are sexy (but like our clothes on)" group (see, there's also a "geek girls are sexy" group, and many variations of sexy nerd/geek/glasses groups). I checked him out and yup, he hardly has any photos of his own posted, and has some scantily clad women in his favorites, and nearly all his contacts are women, and he belongs to a lot of filtered groups (man, I'm not even going to name them). I don't know, it's not like he wrote anything pervy to me personally, I guess I should be...flattered? It's less creepy that he found me in a "sexy" group than just randomly...right? This is what I get for daring to think I occasionally look slightly cute...isn't it?

Oh, it gets weirder. I got a new Flickr contact, which is always cool. Puzzled over the person's name for a bit, then's my downstairs neighbor! (Who works in a camera store, not exactly shocking she'd turn up there.) Anyway, nice photos, it's all cool, not like I ever wrote anything about things that happened with neighbors on this blog (cough) and if I did, sorry.

Relax, relax, my parents haven't found me on the internets yet...

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