Tuesday, November 20, 2007

short and bleak

New Sedgwick station entrance
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I've really got to rethink what I'm doing here. Also, I've got to promote this somehow. Wait, I'm not allowed any more posts whining about who does or doesn't read this, and I'm trying to cut back on posting about stuff that happens on Flickr or MySpace or wherever. If I try to do a photoblog, I have to figure out what's wrong with my photo sizes. And learn to actually take good photos. If I try to focus more on urban issues/infrastructure/architecture/UE/whatever, I have to sound a lot more informed and opinionated. If I make that my focus, maybe my non-Flickr/UE friends (who aren't reading this anyway) won't read it. If I keep rambling about personal stuff or drinking (better not say anything about today), then those people won't take me seriously. Well, I can't make everyone happy, but if I could make a few people a little bit happy, that'd be great. I've spent two days at a mysterious factory (well, only mysterious in that I didn't know about it before; I do know what factory it was) that's the most depressing place imaginable, and today I did something stupid and got injured and was afraid I was going to pass out. But hey, last night, when I tried to do a Google search on the place by looking up "abandoned factory Chicago," I found out that MY FLICKR PAGE is the #1 & #2 result. Wow. I wish I had more actual information, but I guess I've just tagged so many photos "abandoned factory Chicago" that I'm #1. Sorry, everyone. Oh, and I must be the first to post a photo of this station in the Chicago Transit Authority group pool/CTA Tattler blog, because I've never gotten so many hits on a photo this fast. I wish it was a better photo, but I take an untoward glee in being first. Do I sound a little down? Well, it's only 8:45 pm and I think I'm going to bed.

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