Friday, October 26, 2007

This is what I got a tripod for?

This statement is inaccurate!
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Last Friday I finally bought a medium-size tripod (I know I've got a tabletop one somewhere) before the big photo trip to Gary. I haven't yet learned to take good photos in large spaces (and I've been in a lot of them recently), but I've made much use of the tripod for getting ever-more-ridiculous self-portraits. Today, after one exploration fell through, I took a short trip over to the Damen silo area mentioned in yesterday's post. I didn't have the time or the nerve to go all the way in the silos by myself (found a way in that doesn't involve going through a hole in the fence, though) but I had a wonderful time (this was a little before the weather went bad) walking around the train tracks, underpasses, and canal. Relaxing, low-risk trespassing. (Lots of drivers and a couple pedestrians saw me, no one cares.) Some views there I'd never seen before, and some I saw in the dark Wed. I saw this graffiti and immediately went nuts with it--I've got some "serious"-looking poses, but the combo of "I Hate Myself" and a big smile seemed best. Actually, "this statement" is more like "75% inaccurate," but I didn't want to be a downer on Flickr. (The blog is the proper repository for all angst.)

It's also important to note the whole time, I was carrying around a giant donut I bought at Huck Finn on the way over. Yup, they still got 'em...

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