Friday, October 05, 2007

I just need inspiration to do my laundry

I'm drinking tea because I don't want to overdo coffee today. I'm wondering why it's raining when it's supposed to be sunny and another fabulous day for me of bicycling. I just watched an Oprah episode that's supposed to be all inspirational and stuff (a whole hour with one guest--the author of Eat Pray Love, which does sound good), you know, a woman leaving an "ideal" life to find herself through spirituality and pleasure, and how when you do all that finding yourself, that's when you find love. You know, how you find love when you're "not looking." Uh-huh, not looking has worked out REAL well for me. I'm resorting to bad grammar ("real" instead of "really"). I'm wondering what will inspire me to wash the unwashed clothes on my futon from my trip to Iowa a month ago. At least I'm doing dishes; having a roommate forces you to not fall completely into disrepair.

And worst of all, I'm taking out my crankiness about finally posting photos on Flickr from my most-fun photo shoot ever (68 consecutive photos with no photos of the El or cats or neon signs or anything inbetween) to crushing indifference by writing pissy comments in my photo captions. Everyone else is a better photographer/posted theirs already/has been doing urban exploration much longer (I just bought the book on it last night). Whatever, I had fun. (I've promised myself to no longer complain here about no one reading my blog; now I come to the blog to complain about my Flickr page. While I'm at it, I need friends on

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Noah said...

I read you blog, so that's at least one person. Keep the pissy comments coming...