Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things will turn around

Ha. I was in a funk around 7:30, nothing serious, just late-afternoon blahs where no one I know seems to be online, at least compared to yesterday evening, and no one's noticing what I'm doing, as compared to yesterday when 1) two Flickr people I've met found and friend-requested me on MySpace 2) my Flickr page views crept up to, then easily surpassed 2000 (and of course I'll pay no more attention to it until it's approaching 5000, right?) 3) my MySpace profile views finally topped 300 4) two random people added me as Flickr contacts in the space of a few minutes 5) people quickly responded to my email.

But then after 7:30, someone was obviously looking through/commenting on one of my most obscure Flickr sets, then all at once I was 1) watching someone I know on TV (Andrew of GapersBlock.com, a panelist on "Chicago Tonight," introduced at the top of the show as a segment on what news "online bloggers" are covering, "online" bloggers as opposed to..."standing on a street corner shouting" bloggers?) 2) noticing someone just added me as a Flickr contact AND sent an email 3) getting a phone call I'd been waiting for, re: tomorrow's Halloween/CTA-riding/photo plans. When all that wrapped up, a Flickr person who'd never commented on my photos before did and added two new ones as a favorite. So, you know, now I'm feeling better but I'm still finishing yesterday's bottle of raspberry malt liquor (as good as it sounds!) anyway.

The photo? I like its blurry darkness--this was a very creepy room I hadn't seen before in a very hidden part of this abandoned school--and I was going to post it to Flickr, but then Noah beat me to the punch with a really good photo of the same thing, so check it out and enjoy. But hey, a couple minutes before he took it, I was standing very quietly out of sight in the room even though I heard footsteps approaching, and I may have finally scared someone in an abandoned building, just a little. Sorry, couldn't resist...

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Noah said...

Yes, you did finally scare someone--nice work! I actually get freaked out pretty easily when I'm trespassing.

I like the photo, too.