Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On the internet, no one knows

Ever have one of those nights...
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...when you're using ironic distance. At least it's not always clear. A friend and I have been guilty of some silly/cutesy/flirty stuff going on across our MySpace pages; I think he started it but I upped the ante considerably by directly calling myself "teenager-ish" and putting Unrest's 1993 "Make Out Club" on my page. I seriously couldn't resist; that's a song that energizes me to this day, but I did intend it ironically (mostly). Anyway, I'm trying to dial things down there and on Flickr (and as always I avoid PDAs in "real life"); I don't especially like seeing people act half their age like this. Part of the intended irony here is that I didn't get to act this way when I WAS a teenager, at least not until after high school. And anyone who's known me a while knows I went through my most severe/dangerous teen-angst-ish phase in my late 20s...perhaps I'm coming out of it and just getting to some of the good stuff now.

Anyway, I went to bed feeling embarrassed, because of that, and because for the first time EVER my downstairs neighbor knocked on my door to ask if I could turn down the music (11:30 p.m., Quasi, not playing that loud, but sound really carries into the hallway). No problem, it just amuses me coming from the neighbors who've had crazy screaming fights (at 7 a.m., 7 p.m., later, other times in between) on and off for many months, with plenty of door-slamming and object-throwing. I debated whether I should blog anything about it, but I will just to put this photo up. See, often things were so loud downstairs I thought a car must have crashed into the building. Then in February, I got home (on the CTA) from a very nice second date...and saw a car had crashed into the building. (Neighbors had nothing to do with it.)

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