Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'll give you something to cry about

Just a figure of speech; I haven't been crying. Wow, there I was complaining about Flickr and getting nothing done in life (hey, I've at least moved laundry from the futon to the hamper since then)...Since then, the good: I had two Flickr meetups in one day (one an official meetup, one more of an adventure) which were great fun. I've gotten a lot more page views, though a lot might be from one person who's picked a bunch of my photos as favorites (thanks!) including one that's of ME (mildly disconcerting, but at least it's a person I've met).

And I had the most exciting photo shoot ever, even better than the factory two weeks earlier. But my SD card went nuts for no reason about 2/3 of the way into our adventure and said "Error" and "0 Images" and I haven't been able to read it on any camera or computer. I may have to retake 150 images (and the many great shots I missed after the card quit), which isn't completely bad because the place we shot at will be virtually identical next time I see it. But is partially bad because it's not easy to go to this place myself. (Just being on the street outside I get lots of men honking their horns at me.) I'm always doing things people consider "risky": I take the CTA by myself late at night, I walk or bike by myself late at night (through less scary areas), I bike or take the CTA (during the day) through nearly all the "bad" neighborhoods of Chicago. But going into an abandoned building by myself just seems much scarier. Even though our group didn't run into anyone there. There are people who'd like to go back; but I don't know if they'd hang around while I reshoot 200 or so photos.

Hey Katherine, why don't you ever post any photos HERE? Yeah, I'm working on it...

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