Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tiger Stadium at night
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

If you'd told me a year ago I'd make four trips to Detroit (all by bus) in the space of two months, I wouldn't have believed it, and if you'd told me that I'd be in a hurry to get there because of the demolition of a baseball stadium (where I never even saw a game) I REALLY wouldn't have believed it. But this is a glimpse from trip 4, wedged in between a week of being kind of housebound and miserable except for going through my 3000 photos from my previous trip (which included Detroit), and a kind of miserable day (not because of the music, however) at Pitchfork on Sunday. Perhaps a proper set of this later.

With trips to Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, New York, Pittsburgh recently, and Buffalo, Cleveland, Baltimore hopefully soon, I feel I've neglected Chicagoland recently (Hammond and Des Plaines and the far South Side, I've missed you!), and since I'm on the verge of biking again, that's where my adventures will be for a bit. If uploading photos to Blogger wasn't such a chore, I'd actually be TELLING you about all these adventures here.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

You might be interested in buying Ecto. I have recently started using it. It's an application-based (rather than web-based) blog editor. It comes with a plugin that lets you insert photos from Flickr directly into your posts. It has a couple of bugs involving the size of the photos being a little hard to control right now, but is otherwise great. And I'd expect the glitches will get fixed soon.

Katherine said...

Hmm, I imagine there are easy ways to post from Flickr to other places, but I want to use this blog to post a lot of non-Flickr photos. Still, good to know about.