Monday, July 14, 2008

the post-vacation blues

I think this photo would be much better if someone else had taken it for me.
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I'll allow this blogged-from-Flickr post, because I thought it'd be okay to do that while I was on my trip. Well, I could have used the internet fairly cheaply during my 4 days/3 nights at the hostel in New York, but I was too distracted by actually seeing the city to sit at a computer. My one time online on the trip--Sunday the 7th, at a Flickr friend's in Ann Arbor--turned up photos of this ilk (not directed at me, obviously) and I just didn't want to deal with that while on vacation. But, those are the things I don't write about here, at least not yet. So I went an entire week without being online...amazing.

Anyway...fantastic trip despite my injured ankle and the weather (about 85-90 degrees and humid in all 3 cities I visited). I took almost 3000 photos and surely many must have prompted a "what is she photographing that for?" response like this one might have (it's K-Mart in Herald Square). Now I'm back to the malaise of my real life, oh joy, My kitchen table is covered with dirty clothes, alternative weeklies, and souvenirs. More soon, but I should go outside now that there's actually bearable weather again.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

You shouldn't be so down on blogged-from-Flickr posts, I don't think. As long as it's interesting, who cares how you post it? I find it to be a quite useful tool, personally - much easier than any other approach to incorporating Flickr photos into my blog posts.

Welcome back!

Katherine said...

I just felt bad I relied on them for so long. Also, on my older ones, back when I was uploading photos too small on Flickr, all my photos disappeared when I replaced them and I'm not sure how to fix that!
Blogging from Flickr would be a great way to do a daily or more-than-daily blog...