Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm somewhere

Simmons & Clark, downtown Detroit
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

Sorry I haven't maintained even the bare-minimum of blogged-from-Flickr recently. I believe my last post referred to an unspecified exciting trip I was going on (Detroit), that was exciting, and did change things for me, though maybe not all in a good way. Anyhow, since then I've taken a too-short trip to Milwaukee and too-short trip to St. Louis (which I'm on the last day of now, I had a big bicycling/photo day planned but it's raining). I have many photos to put on Flickr before the next trip.

I've noticed that a few people do click from here to Flickr, whether it's the links list, or clicking on the actual photos I blog, I don't know. But this photo is well worth clicking on to see how a person (an excellent sign photographer on Flickr) actually saw me as I took this photo, then ran into it later on Flickr, and now we're contacts!


Lynn said...

Speaking of connections, I'm trying to connect with the owner of this photo on flickr from the Tour de Fat ride. I want to use it, but I don't know the flickr protocol and don't have an account. Would appreciate your good juju (in the spirit of Tour de Fat).

Lynn said...

Oh, you or he can connect via peoplingplaces at gmail. Thanks.

Drew said...

Congratulations on Best Local Blog status in the Reader!

Katherine said...

Lynn, I know that guy and I'll see what I can do, sorry I didn't notice this sooner.

Drew, thanks--your comment is actually where I learned about it!