Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going far, far away!

Seen on South Wabash
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

For less than two days. I'll be back Friday. I very much needed to get out of town right now, in fact it seems essential for my mental health (though I haven't felt depressed in over a week, I should point out), farther away than Northwest Indiana, much as I've enjoyed that. If this trip is as exciting as my anticipation has built up for it (that grammar is tortuous, I'm sure), perhaps I'll divide everything into "before" and "after" this trip. I should be back with tons of photos (uh, on Flickr) Friday, for now enjoy this shot that has nothing to do with anything, but is quite pretty, no matter how often it's been photographed (um, read the comments on it).

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54cermak said...

You have ME excited for your trip, I'm reading so much about it!

Have fun, looking forward to seeing your destination revealed.