Friday, June 27, 2008

it's an honor just to be nom...WHAT?

I’m the “Best Local Blog” (tie) according to the Chicago Reader!
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I posted a brief entry today and when checking the comments of the previous one, noticed this little blog was picked (in a tie with Hack--congrats, Dmitry!), as "Best Local Blog" by the Chicago Reader! By the editors--I'm way too obscure to win the readers' poll. Well, now the pressure's on to turn this back into a real blog, when nearly all my online energy has gone to my main (Katherine of Chicago) Flickr page. I'll have another new post ASAP, about my accident. What have I MEANT to write photo-essays about?

My stupid accident. Photographing every CTA station early in 2008. (These are my photos tagged CTA.) How I walked all 8 miles of Madison Street on the anniversary of the 1968 riots there. My visits to Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Hammond. How I saw Wrigley Field for the first time after many years here, and the White Sox for the first time since moving here. And that high school whose demolition I photographed every week for 4 months, and whose former students contacted me. And a beautiful former theater I happened to get in one day. And...oh, so much pressure, I will try to post at least a couple of these stories before my mega-trip to the East Coast in July.

Thanks so much to Whet Moser at the Reader for the honor, and to any new readers, please check out the "favorite/best" posts to get an idea of what this blog is supposed to be.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

*cracks the blog-whip*

Seriously, congratulations!!

Dmitry Samarov said...

I read the gripes too...The funny thing is that, they're lucky to get one story a month outa me, so it's worse than they say...I've added you to my link list as well...Cheers!

Claire said...

Congrats, chiquita!