Friday, June 27, 2008

Remnant of the not-too-distant past

Marshall Field's only!
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While this blog is still on semi-hiatus, I should at least blog-from-Flickr some unusual finds, especially ones that I was, uh, amazed got no response there (and I put this in a ton of groups, too!).

I was doing some northwest side photography; I'd been taking the Pulaski bus a lot and for a while this spring it was detoured on Belmont all the way to Cicero. This is actually Diversey just west of Pulaski, though, across from the huge furniture store/warehouse I've never been inside but always wondered about. Along with everything else Marshall Field's, the name on it was changed to Macy's in 2006.

So I was amazed to see an active sign still reading Field's (that's different from the State St. store still having Field's plates on it--this is an actual sign telling you what business it is!). It's not a beautiful photo, but I still felt sad it faded into Field's itself?

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Jess said...

It was Field's warehouse that was open to the public until last Fall (or maybe winter? Cant remember). Only part of the first floor was open during the final days but I hear from friends and family that other top floors used to be open, too. Damn Macy's