Saturday, December 22, 2007

Three months of this

Checking the card catalog
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September 22, 2007 I had my first trip inside an abandoned building (the Brach's factory). I didn't make it to anything particularly impressive today--the foundry I wanted to revisit had been torn down, and I was briefly in a trashed room of a building I haven't mentioned here yet. But I enjoy commemorating pointless "anniversaries," so here's a shot I like from my most recent "real" excursion, an abandoned Catholic school I saw Thursday with my exploring companion DK. (Actually, we hadn't taken a trip to an abandonment together since Halloween, and this was the first one that was new to both of us.) It brought up many melancholy thoughts (about abandoned buildings, not about the companion), but since it's holiday-time and all (and it looks like I'm going to be on the bus early tomorrow, yikes) I won't share them.

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