Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm supposed to be in Iowa

Christmas in Ames 2006
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

Just a short semi-depressed one. I think you now know this is what to expect when you see a Flickr photo instead of a photoblog entry. I'm anxious to get out here and get a few hours of sunlight, if you can call it that, to take photos. I'm supposed to be on the Greyhound to Iowa right now. For once, I didn't miss it--no, the problem is that because of snowy conditions, coming first to Des Moines and then to Chicago, my parents thought I should wait. They don't want to go through snow to pick me up tonight (45 minutes from where they live). I might not even go till Monday. I've got more time for reading, shopping, and blogging, then, but this is still discouraging. Thurs. was my day to hang out/say goodbye to people; I'm afraid it's going to be a lonely weekend. I also felt weird learning that my roommate (who I hadn't actually seen in 2 weeks, though I know he's been here at least once or twice in that time) was away from his MySpace update (it said "on vacation" and "warm"). Then he walked through the door today. Just when I'd gotten used to leaving laundry around, blasting Christmas music, etc. Oh well. Just goes to show you can't take those MySpace updates too literally...not that I've ever done such a thing before, mind you.

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