Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The streak is over

The field (and a post)
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Thanks to this, the first time I'd ever seen the inside of Wrigley Field, Saturday April 19, I can no longer say (or was it brag?) that I've lived in Chicago 12+ years without ever attending a sporting event here. More later, obviously. I liked it enough to consider going again, maybe even on my own, maybe even to other sporting venues.

Having blog avoidance guilt again. I wrote that last post from my local library branch--and that was the first time I've ever gone online at a Chicago library--and within minutes of getting home, AT&T called to say they could come fix my DSL early. EARLY. So I wouldn't have to wait around the next day. A worker was over within a half-hour and spent about 90 minutes fixing things--mostly a problem with the line outside, but my phone cord inside was somewhat frayed. It was their fault, so the repair was free. I had been planning to go to Dating For Nerds that night, but I figured an emergency DSL repair, and then immediately getting on to post photos (I missed a day on Flickr! oh no!) was a solid nerdy excuse to miss it. An uncharitable friend suggested if I was more of a real nerd, I'd know more about fixing things myself. Whatever, that was a nice surprise, and I feel guilty I didn't jump right back on with a new post here...

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heidelblerg said...

Hi Katherine,
i saw your Publicity Girl pulp cover on your flickr site and would like to do a roundup of the pr noir books you found with maybe a comment or two from you for Galleycat. You can reach me at andy.heidel@gmail.com