Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have an excuse this time

"The shape of things to come in North Lawndale"
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I really didn't want to leave that last post at the top of the page for so long, I never do with the blogged-from-Flickr ones, or with anything too personal. But my DSL's been out at home since sometime between 1 am and 9 am Tuesday morning (I took a few hours off for sleep). It hasn't been out in this way--red light or blinking orange light, can't get it back on--since before I started my obsessive use of the internet in late August 07. So you can imagine how frustrated I am...a day or two without new Flickr photos, oh no! They're supposed to look at it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm at the library with 6 minutes remaining, so enjoy this photo of a vacant lot. Taken Sunday, when I'd expected lousy (cloudy/snowy) weather so I could stay in and read...but it turned out to be nice, so I had to run all over taking photos.

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