Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just one more blogged-from-Flickr, then I'll be back to the chore of photo-essay posts here, okay? By the way, this is my 100th post on this blog! (Not counting an old draft I never posted, or any I've deleted.) A couple Chicago-area blog adds: Orthette (who I've gone on a few photo excursions with). And Jackpix, terrific photos by the peripatetic* Jack Cantey.

I've also added my LiveJournal blog, daily photo-less ramblings about my bike trips and so on. Most of it is public. If I know you from elsewhere, I'll "friend" you there, and/or on Facebook, where I finally put up a profile last week. (I won't link to Facebook here because I think my page is set to private--it'd better be, my dad is on Facebook!) I deleted the LibraryThing link because I lost my password and I don't think I ever verified it by email so I have no way of getting on again till I find the password.

As for real housekeeping...the situation hasn't been good. Sure, one side of the sink is empty enough to use, there aren't dirty clothes on the floor, and when a mouse suddenly showed up dead on my bathroom floor one night last week (I've heard them in my pantry, but where'd that one come from?!) I forced myself to get rid of it before I went to bed. But I've kind of let things go. Piles of books to move, tons of stuff rescued from the demolished school piled on my futon, clean laundry to sort...not to mention I haven't done anything about the wrong-number collection agency calls I've been getting for weeks. (Kristin [my last name] owes student loans. I've had this phone # for over ten years. I've never had student loans. I've been getting as many as 20 calls a day from various numbers about this. I've also gotten collection calls for someone else but I think it's mostly Kristin now. I tried to clear this up months ago but it obviously didn't work.)

Everything's fallen apart because things were already a mess in my life and then...okay, finally writing about this, a month ago I lost a relationship and a roommate the same weekend (this was two different people). Neither was a surprise and neither involved any fights or major conflict, but both those losses happened sooner than I'd expected. I've done nothing about getting a new roommate (as you could guess from above). There's been a very delicate situation involving the guy I'd dated and who he's started something with, who's also become an online friend of mine. Even if I have nothing bad to say, I probably shouldn't say anything else here.

Anyway, the weather is marginally okay enough for bicycling, so I may once again check out some southeast side ruined industrial goodness.

*I mean "walking about," not "Aristotelian." Proof that it's a good habit to look up any word if I'm not 100% sure of its definition.


Ed said...

This is off-topic but I thought I'd let you and the other Chicagoans know...
Google Earth and Google Maps (finally) updated Chicago images. Soldier Field isn't under construction anymore! Plus, check out the 'Bean'. Pretty cool reflection considering its taken from orbit.

Katherine said...

I've hardly ever gotten into all the map stuff that's out there, until I needed some help with recent Indiana bike trips. I should check it out more. So, good to know.

Sure, it may be off-topic, but at least it's not spam...