Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too busy, and too lazy

Sunset from the Westinghouse Career Academy roof
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I wanted to avoid ever writing a "sorry for not blogging" post ever again, but here you go. Last week was depressing for various reasons; this week, not so bad. But I'm still running around wildly taking photos rather than dealing with "responsibilities," or keeping in touch with people, or reading YOUR blogs. I've got a few coherent story-and-photos posts to do from the past week (a survey of abandoned CTA stations, a trip to the North Shore, a visit to a parade)...and I want to write those here first so when I put up the photos on Flickr I can link to a blog entry. But I'm so backed up on Flickr--that's what happens when you take 100 or more photos a day. Anyway, here's one of those photos I really liked but no one else was too crazy about. The extra hour of daylight is a great help for exploring abandoned buildings...

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