Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy birthday Chicago!

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Today is Chicago's 171st "birthday" and I'm giving it the same thing I always do--the "gift" of documenting it obsessively. I'm pretty far along in one major project. And my newest idea is to walk the entire Pedway, which has always been a mystery to me.

Chicago's birthday is also the same as that of a friend who's worked for the city for 20 years, currently in the Department of Bicycles (okay, the bike department of the Chicago Department of Transportation). It's a day after my mom's birthday and the day before my friend Jason's birthday. I haven't called the friends yet, but I called my mom. The line was busy, but when I tried again I learned it wasn't the modem, it was another call, because my parents finally got DSL. I'd been telling them to for years, mostly because of my difficulties reaching them. And my last trip to visit them was my first after getting into Flickr and the rest, and it was excruciating. Considering my parents both have websites, do lots of online research, have friends around the world, and put up photo essays from their travels, I don't know why it took them so long.

Anyway, if you can, try something new in Chicago today. Rather than some flashy architecture photo, I've put up this cute scene from my neighborhood--I don't take nearly enough photos of Humboldt Park considering how long I've lived here. Re: the previous post--I didn't end up on "190 North." And every time I post something personal, I get afraid to check the blog for a while, afraid people will comment, more afraid they won't...


Orthette said...

It's difficult to come up with something to say about such an intensely personal post. (Anything I came up with seemed kind of trite.)

Katherine said...

That's quite all right, I don't know what to say to things like that either. It's just good to know some people read it.