Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A round-up of recent publicity

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I can almost feel myself getting back into the blog thing (which includes reading/commenting on everyone else's--I haven't signed into Blogger in well over a week at this point). Forgive me for not writing anything of consequence on the many important things going on in the world, and just putting up some links. The past few weeks--starting not too long after I fixed my photo sizes on Flickr (still just over halfway through replacing them in the photostream, though)--have been pretty cool photo-wise. The websites mentioned here don't always tell you when they're using your photos; sometimes you find out through the "Flickr Stats" function and sometimes people you know tell you. So, in chronological order:

A couple photos show up in this post on Chicagoist 2/26

The Time Out Chicago blog on 2/28 used my “Donut Doctor” photo, my first appearance there, as far as I know

Whet Moser's Chicago Reader blog used a favorite CTA shot of mine for
"You Shoot" on 3/5, and gave me some nice publicity for my other architecture/exploration photos. Also, City of Destiny and my explorer friend Noah's Dump Site are on his Chicago blogroll, among others I know.

Chicagoist on 3/13 used one of my photos large for the first time—the one on this post

The “Merge” section of Gapers Block on 3/18 mentioned Dump Site and some of my photos. Interesting stuff about the architectural salvage business…

And then, the same photo on this post was also used for Gapers Block “Rearview” 3/19. They were the ones bugging me the most about fixing my photo sizes, so I'm thrilled I did and finally made it onto the site. I'm currently working on an article/photo essay for them, more on that later...

Also, on 3/19 I hit 10,000 page views for my photostream on Flickr. It was stuck on 9999 for a while and I tried not to check it too obsessively. It's also been six months since I made my first friends on Flickr that became real-life friends. One first contacted me 9/18, which I much later learned was his birthday, so I joked that I should wish him a happy half-birthday 3/18, and I did. I also finally bought a Ladytron CD 3/18, after it's been the music of choice on so many drives with him to abandoned buildings and so forth. Getting into "UE" is another six-month quasi-anniversary coming up. Please excuse my obsessive streak of commemorating everything, okay?

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