Tuesday, February 08, 2011

This is 2011.

buried garage, Humboldt Park
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

It appears every time I try to re-commit to this blog I fail more spectacularly, so I'll make no promises now. Just...hey, happy no-longer-new year! Thank you to anyone who supported me and my work in 2010. I am definitely interested in finally getting this blog to be more of a place for photoessays and travelogues than the random personal stuff and isolated photos I've been doing.

I've made progress on the computer issues, I've had some good experiences in the past few months, but right now things are very challenging, and besides the functioning computer setup I need to commit myself to getting a roommate, a job, and I guess, a therapist. (Any assistance greatly welcome, through email or social media since apparently this blog only attracts spam comments, I've been told.) There's a heavy essay delving more deeply into all this I've been afraid to write and afraid to post, but I can't avoid it forever.

But at least today, a week after the 2011 Blizzard, I got my bicycle back and working. (I walked about three miles round-trip just before and as the blizzard hit to retrieve my bicycle from a CTA station and leave it at a store to get a flat fixed.) Even a few blocks in the brutal cold was exhilarating (it'd be better if the brakes functioned better; not much room for error when the streets are full of slush.) Alas, the garage still looks essentially like this photo. You can find a small (well it is right now, because I was only able to post photos taken with the camera on my new smartphone) set on Flickr.

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Jason Tinkey said...

I need a job too, so y'know, find two. What are you looking for?