Saturday, August 29, 2009

it's that time of year again

vacant bridal shoppe, downtown Cleveland
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

Birthday time! You can tell how cheerful I am about my birthday by my choice of photo, although it's actually NOT as depressing as it might seem (click on it if you've missed the lively discussion--20 comments as I post this--on Flickr). And I'm retroactively declaring it a birthday gift to fellow Flickrer Seth Tisue (whose birthday is also today), since I know he appreciates bleak sub/urban scenes as much as I do (and frankly has been a big influence on me on Flickr).

It's a bad sign that I can't even recall the last MONTH I posted or signed in here, or updated links (I know some need fixing). Soon, soon...Delay due to personal reasons, travel, etc. I will force myself to re-learn Picasa photo posting here, and be back. For now, I've got to see if Margie's Candies will give me a birthday treat (I got burned by them when I last tried, in 2007), check out the open house at Argonne National Laboratory (I've never been), and see my first Gary Railcats game tonight in Gary (vs. Fargo-Moorhead. You're invited!).


Whetstone said...

Happy birthday! About your reaction, I'm reminded of Patton Oswalt's observation that we should only celebrate certain birthdays - 16 (you can drive), 18 (you can vote), 21 (you can drink), and so forth. Having turned 29 recently, I can verify that some birthdays aren't as fun as others.

Century of Progress Homes said...


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