Saturday, June 06, 2009

Uh, hi there!

Is it spring yet? Oh, it's summer? (though not "officially"). For the longest time I've meant just to post something, anything here. Too many exciting things have been going on in "real" life and I've neglected this place again, and even Flickr has become a chore as I drown in 1000s of photos from short and long-distance travels. Here's something from my secondary Flickr account (which sort of languishes in obscurity, still, unless the photos have certain words in their captions or tags, then I get weird attention, and...never mind). Rescued from Washburne Trade School, which at last, sadly, is getting torn down. I should do a photo-essay (or 10) about that...

See you soon! With news about what I've added to the blogroll, and many photos of trains, and more about the Metra station project, and Rust Belt adventures, and probably refreshingly little about my personal life. And no, exciting things in real life doesn't mean having a job, not that I've been trying much. Should you have any hint how I can turn any of this into anything that pays in any way, uh, I could use some help...

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Sophie said...

Dear Katherine,

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