Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cheerful yellow

Well, it just doesn't get any better than that. A West Side store seen on my first day biking after two months without. I love hand-painted signs. And this store has it all, including donuts spelled the old-fashioned way!

Recent delightful events have kept me away from blogging (don't worry, mixed in with gloominess, too, probably due to way-too-late-night CTA rides and sleep loss), and so have my continuing problems with not being able to upload vertical images here.* So...I hope you like horizontal photos. And yellow! All these photos are from my first two days bicycling after the accident (Wed. and Thurs. last week).

"Full Line of Groceries" tends to mean no such thing in these little stores, though the one above claims to have produce. I didn't check.

Baby needs milk! Baby needs snacks! Baby needs to get out of the house on a gorgeous day and finally see The Dark Knight so she isn't left out of everyone's conversations in Chicago these days, so that's what I'm doing now!

Update: Didn't make it to the movie, ended up biking the whole lakefront path instead. That was nice.

*Blogger doesn't allow you to rotate photos, and I couldn't find help on this anywhere. The problem is that iPhoto doesn't seem to actually save rotated photos, so I'll rotate, but when I upload from "Originals," it's not rotated, and it doesn't save them to "Modified," either. I may have to go to the Apple Store for this one...


Jennifer said...

Oh, what did I do that one time... I think I cheated and just took a screen shot of the rotated photo and saved that as a separate file. Some quality is lost, though, unless you have a really, really big monitor.

Eric Allix Rogers said...

Wow, beuatiful, er, typos I guess, on that first store.

Seriously, I think I've commented on this before, but I can help you figure out how to rotate the photos! One option: after you rotate in iPhoto, drag the photos you're uploading onto the desktop, and upload from the desktop. The versions on the desktop should be rotated. There are other options, too, although I'd need to know more about your desired workflow I guess.

Didi said...

The Western Wear store in the second photo! I just walked past it last week. Stuffed animals are in the windows. Fun.