Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Squares and rectangles
Originally uploaded by katherine of chicago

I fixed my photo sizes on Flickr. I fixed my photo sizes on Flickr. I FIXED MY PHOTO SIZES ON FLICKR. I could go on and on...I'm in a state of shock, and ecstasy.

In my nearly 6 months of being a very active Flickr member, my photos always uploaded small and blurry, and if you clicked "All Sizes" they were never larger than medium. There were lots of details people couldn't see, and most agonizingly, certain websites said they'd like to use my photos but couldn't because they're too small. (The Reader, Chicagoist, and Chi-Town Daily News have used some, however.) I'd shoot with the biggest settings possible on my camera, and they came up large in iPhoto, so I couldn't figure it out. Well, seems I'd been uploading from the wrong place all along; now I know to upload from "Originals." I notice this photo shows up the same size as all the other Flickr photos I've blogged, but you'll see it's large if you click on it!

That's the good news. Less good? I have to replace the 1500+ photos I've uploaded already. I intend to fix every single one.


Noah said...

Have fun replacing all of your photos! I say that because it problably will not be fun.

Seriously, I'm glad you got that bug worked out, I've seen one of your 'big' photos and immediately noticed the difference. Much better.

Katherine said...

Fortunately, I'm so hyper-organized/obsessive that not too long after starting Flickr, I started a list of all the photos I post in chronological order of posting, with the original file numbers listed. So at least I don't have to spend hours figuring out what all the photos are...
...but it'll be a chore, and I know I'll also have to replace photos I've put elsewhere on the web.

I still want a "real" camera, of course, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much better my photos look just from resizing.

I'm posting this from the Apple Store, waiting to get some iPhoto library trouble worked out...

Eric Allix Rogers said...

I bow to your compulsiveness.

I use something called "iPhoto Library Manager" to let me split my photos up. I maintain separate libraries for different years, and have special albums where I keep copies of the photos I post online (along with the full captions, etc) so I could recover if one of my web babies died a sudden death. iPhoto Library Manager is a huge help for me, since I've apparently accumulated over 13,000 photos since 2003 or so.

Actually, I didn't know how many photos I had until just now, and I sort of wish I hadn't totaled it up.

Vanishing STL said...

This is why iPhoto is the devil incarnate! I can't stand the way it "organizes"... I mean hides your photos and makes those useles smaller copies of everything to eat up all your storage space. After a few uses myself, I decided to never use it again and now I download my photos the directly to the hard drive in the folders I want.